Where can I buy InEL IR-Cam?
You can buy it exclusively in our online shop.

Where can I buy the drone?
You can build it yourself. We are planning to provide an assembly description.

Where do you ship?
We ship to all EU countries. Your country is not listed in the shipping table? Please contact us, so we can look up available shipping.

Can I pay with Paypal?
Yes, please see Shipping & Payment for more information.


For which video system is InEL IR-Cam compatible?
It’s compatible for all analog (NTSC and PAL) systems.

Why analog instead of digital video stream?
Compared to digital video systems, analog is more affordable. Analog encoding is publicly available (standards NTSC and PAL). Common digital systems like from DJI or CADDX are closed ecosystems. The main advantage compared to digital, is the radiated video stream. Especially for fawn rescue operations, it is necessary to have portable screens. This screens can be easily and simultaneously connected to the analog video stream of the drone. The analog video stream is no reduction for the thermal information. The system can be easily integrated in any build up with only one twisted pair wires for the video + power supply and serial communication.

What do I need to integrate InEL IR-Cam?
To connect InEL IR-Cam to your flight controller only soldering of seven cables is necessary. We recommand to use the optional 1-axis gimbal feature. The servo motor is included.

What is the Field of View (FOV) of the thermal image?
Horizontal 57°, diagonal 71°.
This leads to a horizontal length of 27m at a distance/height of 25m.
Our rule of thumb: distance ≈ horizontal length of thermal view

How can InEL IR-Cam be used for fawn rescue (Rehkitzrettung)?
Fawns can be best recognized at a hight of 20-25m. The predefined thermal profile WILDLIFE is recommended.

How can I get the latest firmware?
You can connect your system to our online update tool. You can access it with your web browser (compatible with Chrome and Edge). When
connected to a FC, select the used serial port and connect the FC via USB. Please make sure InEL IR-Cam is powered too.
The update tool is available at:

What do I get for my money?
You will not only get a camera, you will get a system which consists of many different parts and features:

  • thermal sensor protected with a germanium lens
  • visual FPV camera with menu passthrough for setup
  • anodized aluminium enclosure for crash resistance
  • FPGA which merges the two different video streams in real time
  • Microcontroller as interface to the flight controller
  • servo motor with flexible arm
  • servo output and controlling
  • assembled and varnished
  • adaptable radio control for real time adjustments
  • up to 30 customizable thermal profiles, over 15 already predefined

InEL IR-Cam is developed and manufactured in Europe.

Can I use my own analog camera?
Yes. Most of the nano sized analog cameras fit into the enclosure.

What is the difference to a Raspberry-Pi solution?
We also started three years ago with a Raspberry Pi Zero build up. Due to the low resolution and frame-rate it was not fly-able with the thermal image only. We started to merge the thermal image into the visible video stream but latency was still a “pain in the ass”. If you want to fly FPV, this was not the quality you want. With InEL IR-Cam we created a compact, robust and still cost-effective thermal solution for FPV drones. With less than 0.1ms additional delay of the visible video stream, it’s flyable like a standard FPV camera. Nowadays newer thermal sensors are on the market, but nothing has comparatively functionality ready to fly and out of the box for FPV.