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InEL IR-Cam is designed from FPV-pilots for FPV-pilots. It merges visible images with thermal images for the primary usage on FPV (first person view) drones or other RC hobby devices. Low latency of the visual camera is in combination with the thermal view to find anything anywhere.

The resolution and frame-rate of small thermal sensors is too low to orient oneself with a FPV drone without restraints. InEL IR-Cam takes the visible video stream (PAL or NTSC) and merges the data of the thermal sensor into it. It’s bare metal design and state of the art FPGA technology results in a minimized additional latency of the visible video stream smaller than 0.1 ms.

It’s designed for hand on based FPV-pilots and suits best for INAV build-ups. It is suitable for any drone from 3 inch up to large 10 inch builds and matches the needs a pilot has to fly accurately. The robust anodized aluminium housing balances the need of strength and light weight in both ways. It weights just 27.5 grams without servo. But to complete the package a compact servo motor with a flexible arm is included too.

Thermal measurement range is from -10°C to 140°C and various values and settings can be configured in the On Screen Display (OSD).

The infrared camera is limited to 8.6 Hz and is not forced to be used in military applications. InEL IR-Cam is designed for:

  • thermal hotspot detection
  • wildlife observation
  • search and rescue

For example: Young fawns have no flight instinct till they are four weeks old. Every year numerous fawns die because of mowing operations. Those would be recognizable with drones in combination with infrared cameras. Current devices are too cost-intensive and organisations like the fire brigade have not enough equipment or time to satisfy the need.

Developed and manufactured in Tyrol, Austria. We are in touch with local hunters and farmers.

InEL IR-CAM can be fully integrated into a FPV ecosystem and is connectable to a Flight Controller via MSP protocol. This allows the user to switch between various thermal profiles and adjust parameters like temperature range, transparency and servo position live during flight. Default thermal profiles are ready for use, but there’s also the opportunity to customize thermal profiles to everyone’s needs. FC axis information can be taken to automatically adjust the servo tilt. This feature enables the possibility to spot in a defined angle while flying.

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